Currently, our team is working on features and tools specially designed for businesses. Our B2B sub-platform will include special tools and features that Manufacturers and Product sellers may use to increase the efficiency of communication with customers and custom product order processing.
Businesses on BeeGraphy Platform will have a 'Workshop' where they can choose from available 3D models for manufacturing, set up their production parameters (price, material, manufacturing lead time, limitations), and get listed on BeeGraphy platform as a manufacturer. Visitors to our Platform can choose the manufacturer from BeeGraphy Marketplace for producing the desired model.
The Business Dashboard is still in development. It includes special widgets with relevant information about received orders, feedback, visitor statistics, reviews, and other assets that will help the business to organize effective operations in BeeGraphy’s custom manufacturing ecosystem.
If your business involved in manufacturing of custom products or your accept orders of custom manufacturing register now on our platform choosing your account type as a Business and stay tuned for our updates.
Coming Soon