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Survey for manufacturers (CNC machining & 3D printing)

BeeGraphy invites production companies to become a part of custom manufacturing transformations. This survey for manufacturers was created by BeeGraphy Corp. and is intended for manufacturing organizations, with the help of which we'll develop and supply innovative smart and custom manufacturing tools to our partners.


Custom product ordering platform

BeeGraphy is launching a platform that will become a point of intersection for 3D modelers , manufacturers, buyers of customized products and carriers. Our goal is to create an environment equipped with Industry 4.0 elements, with the help of which customers can quickly place orders for customized products (shoppers can change the design, material, color, and other parameters of the products that will be produced), and manufacturers will complete the order and provide it to the customer, spending a minimum of resources as soon as possible.

Our dedicated manufacturing platform is designed for 3D parametric modelers and custom manufacturers that produce goods made to order. It enables to visualize the ordered products for customers and automatically create production drawings for manufacturers, including those who work with CNC machines and 3D printers.

The process of the custom product order

The order process will look like this:

  • First, the buyer chooses the parametric 3D model he likes from the 3D model marketplace.
  • Then he changes its parameters (color, material, dimensions, and other features).
  • After that, the buyer chooses the fabricator that can manufacture the selected model. The calculation of the cost and delivery time occurs automatically based on the rates defined by the manufacturer and  the input data set by the buyer.
  • The buyer pays for the order, and the manufacturer automatically receives a notification of a new order and the fabrication drawings and takes the order into production.
  • Once the fabrication is completed, the carrier picks up the produced goods from the manufacturer to deliver it to the buyer; upon transfer of the goods to the carrier, the buyer receives an automatic notification of this.

This will maximize the optimization of the “designer-manufacturer-carrier-customer” supply chain. Thus, the least amount of time will be spent on registration, processing and release of orders for non-standard products and, as a result, many resources will be saved in the process of manufacturing custom products.

Become a part of transformations

This manufacturer survey was created by BeeGrapy Corp. and is intended for manufacturing organizations and individuals, with the help of which we will develop and supply our partners with innovative and intelligent custom manufacturing tools.

Please fill out this form to become part of the transformations in the custom manufacturing industry.

Survey for manufacturers

The data collected by this survey will be used to make our products and 3D parametric models more relevant to manufacturers. No data will be available to third parties.

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