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Christmas Tree Decoration includes three different types of decor. These symbols will create a magical festive atmosphere at home. In addition, the design of each model is parametric changeable. It means you could work manually with its diameter, frame gap, and diameter hole and produce thousands of unique individual variations of one model or get ready to produce one on laser cutting machines. And all of this does not request any professional skill. The custom models you create or the random one presented here come in format DXF.
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Laser wood
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Original plate model with design details you can change and produce without any professional skill. You could get the ready-to-produce model now or make parametric changes and get your unique customized 2D model in minutes for a laser cutting machine. A modern decorative plate/vase is here to add more details to your interior kitchen or living room. 2D parametric plate model blends in perfectly as a table centerpiece displays dried flowers, or buffet entertaining tray for fruit, bread rolls, and muffins no matter your serving style. By changing the model’s parameters like number of sides, outer and inner radius, and offset length, you can explore completely new styles and can choose the best one matching your taste. Download this decorative plate 2D model in format DXF file and make them with your CNC machines.
Box model with changeable design. Change the length and width, other changeable characteristics of the parametric model or get the ready one. All details correspond to all manufacturing requirements. Suitable for personal needs or mass production on a laser cutting machine in DXF format.
Test laser cutter-engraver
Model for Testing with a machine laser cutter-engraver. You could change the parameters of the model if necessary. Write texts you need, change the shape of the 2D model or get a random one. Both variants are suitable for individual needs or mass production. the 2d model is adopted for laser cutting machines. Get the model in DXF file formats.
Leather Bracelet
Leather bracelet model with the opportunity to manually change its parameters and get thousands of original variations of one model for all the types of CNC machines and 3D printing. Do not miss this chance to be competitive in the market. There is no need to have any professional designer skills to change models online. Get a random one in DXF dile if you do not need to make any changes. Suitable for laser cutting machines.
Wall Shelves
Original wall shelves with the opportunity to change their design and get thousands of variations of one model. The models you receive by changing their shapes are convenient both for a custom print or mass production. This chance to get thousands of custom models is a big competitive advantage in the marketplace. Suitable for a laser cutting machine. Get in DXF format.
Frame Hanger
Frame hanger model with the opportunity to change the design. Work on one model and get thousands of design variations of it according to your customer's needs. You could work on it without any professional skill with the help of our online editor. All models meet quality requirements. Available in DXF formats.
Leather Bracelet Multi-Line
Leather bracelet multi-line model with changeable design of its details. Get ready to produce a model or create a custom one for printing. If you have your idea of design, it is your opportunity to create any form you need online with our editor and without any designer skills. Get the models for the laser cutting machine. Custom models are available in DTF formats.
Paper Box Model
Wooden or plastic paper box model. Make changes to its parameters if necessary and get your 2D model for the CNC laser cutting machine. You could change the design in minutes without any professional skill. The models you receive are convenient both for a custom print or mass production in DXF format.
Light little house
Light little house model with changeable design. Change manually the length, width, and other parameters of the random 2D model or get ready to produce one. The decorative home model will create a warm atmosphere anywhere. Produce on a laser cutting machine. DXF formats are available.
Keychain Stand
Keychain stand that is used to hold keys and that usually consists of a metal ring, a short chain, and sometimes a small decoration. Change online the length, width, and other parameters of the model in minutes if necessary, or get ready to produce a 2d model. Both variants are suitable for laser cutting machines. Get the models in DXF format for personal needs or mass production.