Market Place Users
What opportunities does BeeGraphy marketplace provide?
Marketplace users
BeeGraphy Marketplace is a directory of paid and free parametric 3D models which are made with BeeGraphy Editor algorithmic modeling software and added by 3D modeling specialists for download and unlimited use or custom product orders.
The registered users of the BeeGraphy Platform are able to search for a specific 3D parametric model in BeeGraphy Marketplace, customize the chosen 3D model to their needs, and either download the ready-to-produce model for further use or order production and delivery of the manufactured product.
All the 3D models in the BeeGraphy Marketplace are flexible (size, shape, length, etc.), and thus millions of versions of sizes and designs for each model would be generated. The models are available for download in stl, obj, and step file formats which make it possible to print the model with 3D printers or use them with CNC machines.
In the case of ordering the production of the customized model, along with all the innovative features, the customers can also see the price which gets instantly recalculated in case of the model’s parameter adjustments. Different manufacturers from all over the world can quote their production rates for each model allowing customers to make price comparisons instantly.
After downloading the model or receiving the produced item the customer is able to leave a review and rate by stars to the model’s designer and manufacturer. Reviews and ratings will help other customers make their decision based on the designer’s and manufacturer’s ratings and other users’ experience.
You can start exploring hundreds of 3D parametric models on BeeGraphy parametric models Marketplace which is the first in the world directory of 3D parametric models.