Impact of 3D Product Configurators on E-commerce

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 Are you looking for a way to make your online store more prominent? 3D product configurators are among the most effective tools regardless of your business.


According to a recent report, 82% of product page visitors activated 3D product configurators. Obviously, it is beneficial for companies to incorporate such models into their online customers’ journeys. It also enables customers to thoroughly understand the product from all aspects, creating fundamental consumer confidence in their online purchase choices. 

Consumers typically prefer 3D product configuration over other kinds of visualizations. For this reason, it is an essential resource for enhancing the user experience and boosting conversion rates. This article will explain why configurators are suitable for businesses and improve e-commerce, helping you understand their value.

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1. What is a Product Configurator?

A product configurator is software that enables users to customize the appearance of products. You see every single possible configuration of a product in the configurator. The tool is available on a website where customers personalize their purchases. Buyers can customize colors, sizes, or designs using a configurator. 

Consumers use an e-commerce product configurator to personalize a product according to their preferences and specifications. For example, different furniture companies offer online furniture configurators that allow buyers to customize their furniture’s sizes, colors, and configurations.   

2. What Is a 3D Product Configurator?

A useful e-commerce tool is a 3D product configurator, which provides customers with realistic, interactive product visualization that they can customize in real-time.

A 3D product configurator is frequently found on e-commerce website product pages. It allows consumers to easily change the configurable product’s color, material, design, and size while viewing related pricing points. This makes the shopping experience more accessible for customers.

Customers may see an item from every angle with all available options for customization in 3-D product configurations, in contrast to 2D images, which only show one aspect. In the case of complicated products, 3D configurators are very effective sales tools.


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3. What Are the Main Benefits of 3D Product Configurations?

Analysts estimate 2.14 billion digital purchasers globally, with 266.7 million in the United States. Customers have higher and higher standards for their online buying experiences. To better understand a product before purchasing, modern consumers expect an interactive initiative.

Product configurators for e-commerce websites allow customers to change the products they need. However, online configurators may also benefit an e-commerce company. Product configurators in e-commerce reduce returns and help stand out from competitors, satisfying online shopping.

3.1. Extensive Customer Experience

3D configurators offer consumers a more engaging and interactive experience than conventional video playbacks. It restricts them to passive viewing. Research has shown that 95% of consumers prefer 3D interactive visual product configuration and visualization to other formats.

This extent of customization not only makes customers content but also makes them more loyal to the brand. In 2023, new research shows that 66% of consumers feel more confident purchasing after using 3D configurators.

  • Helps consumers better comprehend complicated items.
  • Increases their capacity to customize products.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction with products and the brand
  • Offers more control over their purchasing experience.
  • Gives potential customers trust and turns them into online buyers.
  • Provides a straightforward approach for viewing all product features on a product by rotating and zooming.
3.2. Increased Sales and Conversion Rates 

Research shows that 73% of customers connect with brands differently before buying products. As a result, businesses must constrain themselves to achieve omnichannel success. Primarily, achieving this objective requires the execution of a 3D product configurator. Online stores can use 3D configurators to show customers how their personalized purchases will appear.

More sales happen when online customers can see personalized product options and try out different versions in real time. People are more inclined to buy products confidently when they see themselves using them.

  • Provides more chances to sell related products
  • Boosts sales
  • Enhances quality
  • Offers more precise price quotes
  • Shortens the time it takes for the product to sell out. 
  • Increases the price of certain customized items.
3.3. Boosted Product Assurance

Businesses that don’t show good product images are more likely to disappoint customers when they receive the product. If an online store gets returns because customers didn’t like it at first, it loses money. A high rate of returns negatively impacts e-commerce operations. Customers are happier with their purchases when they use online tools to see and understand the products before buying.

  • Businesses can increase sales and trust by permitting consumers to observe a product’s constituent materials and components. 
  • Customers can also better realize purchasing items by keeping them in high-quality 3D.
  • Customers may be more satisfied, and return rates may decrease.
3.4. Operational Efficiency

Manual quoting takes a lot of time and does not improve the operational efficiency. Salespeople allocate just 28% of their weekly time to engaging in direct sales activities. They spend most of their time on other responsibilities, including transaction management and entering data. For every new customer request, they must re-enter specs, figure out prices, and re-format bids.

Using a 3D tool, we can make the sales quote process simpler and faster, saving time and improving productivity. Based on operation choices, customers can make their quotes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Prices are estimated in real-time. Finally, the system can promptly send finalized estimates by email, thus preventing any potential delays.

Reps only need to review and send system-generated quotes with a few clicks, even for sections needing sales help. Primarily, automation enables the rapid creation and distribution of quotations, resulting in expedited client transactions. When customers are ready to buy, your quotes will get to them faster than ever.

3.5. Cost Savings and Labor Efficiency

3D Product configurators can help companies save money and work more efficiently when customizing items because they allow customers to make real-time changes, reduce labor, and clear up the mistakes occurring due to manual work. They can explore different arrangements, quickly changing the shades, dimensions, substances, and characteristics. They provide the following benefits:

  • Manipulating the parameters encourages and engages customers by giving them satisfaction and certainty in their buying choices.
  • Configurator manages a significant portion of the initial quotation workload, allowing representatives to concentrate on qualified leads. It optimizes the procedure so that representatives can make fewer physical contact.
  • A sales team can convert more potential customers into actual customers without spending too much on administrative tasks.
3.6. Competitive Benefit in E-commerce

Before personalization was unclear for consumers because of limited choices, making it hard to envision the result.

In the present day, the influence of augmented reality and interactive product design is immeasurable. So, 3D product configurators are revolutionizing product visualization in the e-commerce industry. It lets customers see a 360-degree view of a product and allows real-time customization!

That is why many businesses are using this visualization technology to stay competitive in the market. 3D product configurators transform how companies display, create, and market products. They provide the following benefits:

  • Streamline the procedure, making it easy to understand through logical steps.
  • Makes personalization effortless. 
  • Enables clients to try different setups, seamlessly changing colors, dimensions, substances, and characteristics.
  • Encourage and involve clients, giving them a feeling of participation, pleasure, and assurance in their buying choices.
  • Enables clients to become designers of their needs.

Some companies have built very successful businesses by leveraging 3D product configurators. For example, take Tylko, the Polish company that has established a consumer base of over 100,000, some of whom use 6 to 7 products. Despite an overall yearly fall of 20-30% in the furniture industry, “Tylko” has sighted a remarkable annual growth rate of 40%, generating sales of EUR 60M in 2022.

4. Final Thoughts

Adding 3D product customizers to your online shop changes how customers buy. They can closely engage with items and personalize them to their specific needs. This technology benefits consumers and businesses by increasing customer engagement, reducing product returns, and improving conversion rates. It also cuts labor costs and improves operation efficiency.

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5. Where to Get Product Configurators From?

Using this technology, you can stand out in e-commerce and provide customers with an enjoyable shopping experience. Because of this, why not act now? An easy product configurator is a step toward the future of e-commerce. BeeGraphy’s solution is the most convenient, practical, and cost-effective method to implement an e-commerce product configurator.

Hiring proficient 3D developers is not a prerequisite. You don’t need to know any coding to use it. You can create product configurators quickly in just a few days. This is a significant improvement compared to traditional coding methods, which usually take at least three months. Moreover, with BeeGraphy, you can quickly get production-ready files for your CNC machines and 3d printers.