About us

The team of BeeGraphy - a platform for parametric modeling and computational design

At BeeGraphy, we are more than just a platform. We are a community of trailblazers, problem-solvers, and visionaries who are united by a shared belief in the transformative power of collaboration. Our unwavering commitment and passion have given rise to the BeeGraphy Editor, an innovative tool that has redefined the way designers, engineers, and architects create and communicate.

Our mission at BeeGraphy is to revolutionize the design and collaboration landscape for creators, architects, and engineers. We strive to empower creators by providing cutting-edge tools and technology that enable them to bring their ideas to life through the power of computational design.

At the core of our platform is a cloud-based software for parametric modeling, designed to offer an intuitive and efficient way for users to breathe life into their ideas. In addition, our platform includes a marketplace where parametric designs can be shared and explored by a wider audience.

We firmly believe that by providing a platform that removes limitations on design, collaboration, and building, we can drive innovation and progress in the design industry. Our mission is to create a world-class platform that empowers creators everywhere to turn their wildest ideas into reality.

Our journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic when our team was working on the design of the Kanri smart stroller. Due to the lockdown, we were forced to work remotely, which made the process slow and cumbersome. We recognized the need for a cloud-based modeling software that would simplify collaboration, much like using Figma or Miro.

Inspired by these challenges, we turned our vision into a reality. By March 2022, we had built an MVP that garnered worldwide attention from designers and engineers, connecting us with industry enthusiasts.

In April 2023, we launched the first beta release of BeeGraphy, introducing highly requested features that streamline workflows and online collaboration – a never-before-seen innovation in the parametric design industry.

The name BeeGraphy pays homage to the remarkable collaborative nature of bees and their incredible parametric patterns. Bees work together to create their intricate hives, with each cell perfectly designed to fit together in harmony.

At BeeGraphy, we believe that collaboration is the key to unlocking great designs. By selecting the name BeeGraphy, we wanted to underscore the importance of collaboration, innovation, and nature-inspired design in creating something extraordinary. Our software allows teams to work together seamlessly, much like bees collaborating to construct their hive.

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