Beegraphy Team
About us
At BeeGraphy, we are more than just a platform. We are a community of dreamers, problem-solvers, and innovators who believe in the power of collaboration. The result of our passion and dedication is the BeeGraphy Editor, a tool that revolutionizes the way designers, engineers, and architects create and communicate.
Mission and Vision
At BeeGraphy, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the way designers, architects and engineers create and collaborate. Our platform is all about empowering creators with the tools and technology they need to shape their designs through the power of computational design.
Central to our platform is a cloud-based software for parametric modeling that lets users bring their ideas to life in a way that’s intuitive and efficient. And that’s not all - our platform also includes a marketplace where parametric designs can be shared and explored by a broader audience.
At BeeGraphy, we believe that by providing just the right parametric modeling software, we can help drive innovation and progress in the design industry, and create a place where anyone can design, collaborate, and build without limitations.
We are on a journey to build a world-class platform that empowers creators everywhere to bring their wildest ideas to life.
Beegraphy Tree
During the COVID pandemic, Grigor Grigoryan was working on the design of Kanri smart stroller. Due to the lockdown our team was forced to work remotely which made the process slow and complicated. We needed a cloud-based modeling software that would make collaboration as easy as using Figma or Miro.
After exiting the stroller startup in 2021, Inspired by the struggles, we decided to turn that vision into a reality. By March 2022, our team built an MVP that impressed many designers and engineers worldwide and helped us connect with industry enthusiasts. In March 2023, we launched the first alpha release of BeeGraphy bringing highly requested features designed around streamlining workflows and online collaboration. Something that is never before seen in parametric design industry.
Why BeeGraphy?
The name BeeGraphy was chosen as a nod to the remarkable collaborative nature of bees and their impressive parametric patterns. Bees are known for working together to create their intricate hives, with each cell perfectly designed to fit together in a hexagonal pattern.
Similarly, at BeeGraphy, we believe that collaboration is the key to unlocking great designs. By choosing the name BeeGraphy, we wanted to emphasize the importance of collaboration, innovation, and nature-inspired design in creating something remarkable. Our software allows teams to work together seamlessly, just like bees collaborating to build their hive.
The Founding Team
Grigor Grigoryan
The CEO and serial entrepreneur with 12 years of experience, brings a wealth of expertise to BeeGraphy. Having previously worked for Total Energies, he has a deep understanding of doing business transnationally and a proven track record of launching and scaling successful startups.
Grigor Grigoryan
Ashot Mnatsakanyan
The CTO and senior full stack developer with 10 years of experience, is passionate about building high-quality software that meets the needs of BeeGraphy's customers. With a strong track record of developing complex systems for companies like Tutor Platform and Data Art, he is committed to creating a platform that empowers designers and engineers worldwide.
Ashot Mnatsakanyan
Lernik Mirzakhanyan
The other co-founder and CPO, holding a Ph.D., has 12+ years of sales experience from global majors such as NOV and Mammoet. With his exceptional understanding of BeeGraphy’s customers, he is passionately dedicated to building a product that streamlines workflows and revolutionizes the way industrial designers, engineers, and architects collaborate online.
Lernik Mirzakhanyan
Beegraphy Office