About Us
BeeGraphy Editor
BeeGraphy Editor
Aiming to fill a global gap in the CAD industry BeeGraphy has created an online node editor for 2D and 3D parametric modeling. By creating BeeGraphy Editor, we aimed to turn the design and modeling into a faster, more feature-rich process.
We encourage the organization and construction of large-scale design projects by gathering teammates together in one place. The professionals can work together, see each other’s changes in real-time, comment or edit the needed part of the design, as well as share the 3D view of the project with the client or manufacturer.
Cloud-based collaboration platform
Creating a convenient environment for organizing projects of various designs, BeeGraphy also provides a cloud server for their storage, which allows you to access your files from anywhere, wherever there is an Internet connection.
BeeGraphy Shop
BeeGraphy introduces a store of unique 3D models created with BeeGraphy Editor. The uniqueness lies in the fact that all the models in the presented catalog of the shop can undergo parametric changes and get the new shape and look in minutes. Each model can offer millions of versions of sizes and designs. Thus we have accomplished our goal to enable anyone in the world without any professional design knowledge to actualize all the design ideas and explore their creativity by just choosing a category.
BeeGraphy Shop
BeeGraphy API
We want to make it possible to find and show the right 3D assets for your projects with the required parameters. For that reason, BeeGraphy provides an API that gives partners access to its functionality with the opportunity of model management (parameter, size, color, material), viewing functionality, cost calculations which will enable users to digitize their ideas with true-to-life 3D.
Who We Are
BeeGraphy is an innovation in the CAD industry that gives designers and those who don’t have design skills access to the parametric design world.
What We Do
We provide an online environment for building 2D and 3D parametric models and the opportunity to sell them right on the platform where the users can choose the model, change the parameters and download with the required shape and size.
Why BeeGraphy
BeeGraphy symbolizes the fast and optimal work done by the bee. As well as the wonderful ability to work with the team and create something brilliant.
The teamwork of highly professional specialists combining NURBS (Non-uniform rational basis spline) meta modeling capabilities with multilayer modeling software solutions, with the help of node editors and system tools in BeeGraphy Editor.
Note. NURBS metamodels are used in computer graphics to represent curves, surfaces, and three-dimensional models. It offers excellent flexibility and accuracy for both analytics (defined by general mathematical formulas) and modeling.
Our Missions
Our mission
Our mission is to give everybody in the world the power to use the potential of human creative thinking
We are here to:
  • Bring innovation and inspiration to every design by providing a ready-made 2D/3D parametric model catalog, where all the models are easily editable.
  • Speed up the design process by providing a convenient online environment and tools to make products of any scale and industry with all the team members.
  • Encourage creativity by giving millions of versions of design and size for each model.
  • Bring together the whole team of engineers, designers, developers, manufacturers and make their communication faster and easier.