Team Beegraphy


BeeGraphy platform was founded by a group of enthusiasts that includes programmers, designers, and mathematicians led by Grigor Grigoryan, CEO and founder of Kanri Innovation Technologies.
Developing innovative technologies and using parametric modeling intensively, the team faced challenges with working on one project together from different countries and seeing each other's work, edits, and comments in real-time. The need to manage the design process and make communication faster and more efficient gave rise to the idea of developing computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software in an online environment with collaboration features.
parametric model example
“Our motivation was to bring parametric modeling to the web with mathematical solutions and innovative tools to improve flexibility, connectivity, productivity, collaboration, and customization”
- Grigor Grigoryan
In December 2021, the prototype of BeeGraphy Editor was presented to a limited number of professionals to try and take part in its development and improvement. At the time, BeeGraphy Editor’s toolkit already included the basic components of working with curves (the essential tools for building models).
Now with BeeGraphy’s infrastructure and services, manufacturers with exciting ideas can meet talented 3D designers to collaborate, create and sell customized products that can be adjusted in shopper's choice of color, material, size, shape, and add-on components.
It allows individuals to create bespoke items while still getting the vision offered by a designer. The user-friendly toolkit will help the buyers to change the product's parameters easily and see price calculations instantly according to their modifications. The platform encourages manufacturing businesses to scale and connect with more customers, establish and build brands, collaborate, and start a worldwide business without any investments.

Why BeeGraphy?

BeeGraphy symbolizes the fast and optimal work done by the bee, as well as the wonderful ability to work with the team and create something useful for nature in general. Bees are very intelligent, and people have applied knowledge of their mannerisms and social interactions when creating human initiatives. Moreover, they helped scientists to understand where changes are taking place in the environment.