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What is BeeGraphy?

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Opportunity for computational designers

BeeGraphy is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for computational designers. It offers seamless, cross-platform compatibility and eliminates the need for any installations, so you can work on Windows, Mac, or Linux. With the ability to create models in the cloud and share them through a simple URL link, you can collaborate and co-create with individuals and teams in real-time. Our software allows you to share your parametric models without revealing the underlying script, enabling you to showcase your designs with confidence. You can also market your models in our online store and earn passive income.

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Opportunity for manufacturers and sellers

BeeGraphy makes 3D visual product configurators more accessible and affordable enabling businesses to automate the sales process of customizable products online. The software generates a 3D image of the product, which allows shoppers to visualize exactly what they will receive, complete with dynamic pricing. Plus the manufacturers instantly receive auto-generated production-ready files that they can run on their CNC machines or 3D printers. Not only does this make the lives of sellers and manufacturers easier, it also improves customer engagement, and reduces turnaround time. BeeGraphy's product configurators are the solution for any business looking to take their sales to the next level.

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BeeGraphy API

Unlock the full potential of the BeeGraphy parametric geometry engine with our powerful API. It can be used in e-commerce platforms to speed up sales and manufacturing business processes. The API offers both a basic iframe option for standard user interface and experience, as well as advanced customization options for those seeking to tailor the UI and UX to their specific needs. Once the API is launched, to help you get the most out of it, we will provide comprehensive technical documentation which will be available in the Knowledge Base.

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