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Collaborate with your teammates and create 2D/3D parametric models online for free


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Get automated orders and increase your sales and brand awareness worldwide by choosing 3D parametric models from the marketplace and confirming that you can produce them.

What is BeeGraphy?

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BeeGraphy for 3D Designers, Engineers & Architects

BeeGraphy has created the world's first online parametric modeling software - BeeGraphy Editor - that allows 3D designers, engineers & architects to create models using a computational design approach.

3D models created with the BeeGraphy Editor deliver tightest tolerances and can be used for production on a high precision CNC machine or a 3D printer.

The Editor features real-time collaboration. It enables 3D artists to set-up teams and co-create 3d models working on a project together. They can see who on their team is online and what elements they are working on.

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BeeGraphy API

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BeeGraphy for Manufacturers

BeeGraphy helps manufacturers of customizable products to enhance and automate their sales process. We enable you to sell configurable products online by instantly visualizing and pricing the custom products to your shoppers.

The robust product configurators provided to you can be easily set-up without specialized technical skills. And since it is a no-code environment you won't need to hire developers. That also means that the set-up will be fast - instead of several weeks or months it will take you less than an hour.

The shoppers will go to your store, select what they want, adjust the items to their preference, and place their orders, while you will receive the orders with laid out fabrication drawings. Hence you won't need to spend time on tiresome communication and can concentrate on the manufacturing process.

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How it works

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3D Designers

Step 1create a configurable 3d model in the BeeGraphy Editor
Step 2publish your 3d model on the BeeGraphy Store to make it available for sale and production
Step 3get paid any time your model is downloaded or manufactured

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