BeeGraphy Editor
Online 3D parametric (algorithmic) modeling software
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Welcome to BeeGraphy Editor - the first online 3D parametric/algorithmic modeling software. BeeGraphy Editor is an online software that allows designers to create parametric/algorithmic 2D and 3D models using a generative design approach.
BeeGraphy Editor provides parametric modeling toolsets for creating computational models that can be used for CNC manufacturing, 3D printing, AR & VR platforms, and more. BeeGraphy also provides a real-time collaboration feature for designers, engineers, and manufacturers to see and share the 3D model with customers and collaborators. Live collaboration feature allows designers to work on one project with several people at a time and see each other’s work. The function also allows your clients to follow the whole process of creation of the 3D parametric model and monitor the progress in real-time mode.
The technical documentation for the Editor is available on the BeeGraphy Package Manager page where the description of all the components is provided.
Our 3D parametric modeling software is currently in beta testing mode. If you spot any bugs or have any suggestions or advice don’t hesitate to tell us about it via “Ask BeeGraphy” . We would love to hear from you.
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