Affiliate Program

Earn money with commissions


BeeGraphy is introducing an upcoming affiliate program aimed at individuals and organizations seeking to boost their sales, monetize their content, or generate additional income. The program specifically targets those involved in design, 2D/3D modeling, manufacturing, and 3D printing, making it suitable for website owners, bloggers, and similar resources in these fields.

By becoming an affiliate, participants gain access to BeeGraphy’s partner program tools and media, enabling them to integrate 3D parametric models from the marketplace into their various resources. The program operates on a Pay Per Result basis, meaning rewards are provided based on actions taken, specifically Cost Per Action (CPA).

To promote a 3D model, the affiliate partner incorporates the model’s widget into their website or blog, accompanied by a description of its purpose and advantages. This widget showcases the same assets visible on BeeGraphy Market. The affiliate partner can further share information about the 3D model by embedding its widget on their online platforms or promoting it through their social media channels.

When a user clicks on the affiliate link or engages with the 3D model within the widget, a cookie file is placed in their browser. If the user makes a purchase as a result, the referring affiliate partner earns a commission ranging from 10% to 20% of the sale. Moreover, if the user returns to BeeGraphy Market and makes additional purchases, the affiliate who initially referred them will receive commissions for those subsequent transactions as well.

Once an affiliate partner has earned a commission through promoting a 3D model, they can easily withdraw their funds directly to their PayPal account. The program offers a convenient and straightforward process for affiliates to earn income by leveraging BeeGraphy’s marketplace and 3D models, making it a promising opportunity for individuals and organizations in relevant fields. Stay tuned for the program’s launch and further details.

BeeGraphy is currently in the process of developing its affiliate program. To ensure you stay informed about updates regarding our platform’s partner program, we encourage you to register on our platform. By doing so, you’ll be among the first to receive updates and announcements.

We also welcome any interesting ideas you may have for attracting new customers. If you have creative suggestions or strategies in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are open to discussing your ideas and exploring potential collaborations. Together, we can work towards maximizing the effectiveness of our affiliate program and driving success for both BeeGraphy and our affiliates.