Mastering Computational Design: Workshops with CODIN Parametric for BeeGraphy Design Awards Participants

BeeGraphy Workshop

Beegraphy Design Awards is an exciting competition designed to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in computational design.

To help participants make the most of this opportunity, we are offering a series of workshops on computational design in collaboration with CODIN Parametric. These workshops are tailored to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the competition and expand your understanding of computational design. Whether you’re new to parametric design or aiming to refine your expertise, this workshop is ideal for you.

Overview of the Workshop

Part 1: Parametric Design Theory and Beegraphy Basics Part-I

In the first part of our workshop, we’ll delve into the core concepts of parametric design and familiarize you with Beegraphy’s powerful interface.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Introduction to Parametric Design Principles: Understand the fundamentals of parametric design and how it differs from traditional design approaches. Learn about the advantages of parametric design, including flexibility, efficiency, and the ability to create complex geometries with ease. 
  • Overview of Beegraphy’s Interface and Basic Functionalities: Get a comprehensive tour of Beegraphy’s interface. We’ll cover the essential tools and features, helping you navigate the platform with confidence.
  • Creating and Managing Projects in Beegraphy: Learn how to set up and manage your design projects in Beegraphy. We’ll guide you through the process of creating new projects, organizing your work, and collaborating with team members.
  • Building Simple Parametric Models: Start building your first parametric models. We’ll walk you through step-by-step instructions to create basic shapes and forms, introducing you to the world of dynamic and flexible design.
  • Understanding Parameters and Constraints in Design: Discover how to use parameters and constraints to control your designs. We’ll show you how to apply these concepts to create adaptable and efficient models.

Example Use Case:

Imagine designing a simple form that can be easily adjusted in size and shape. With parametric design, you can create a model where changing a few parameters will automatically update the entire design, saving you time and effort.

Part 2: Beegraphy Basics Part-II

Building on the knowledge from Part 1, this session focuses on advanced techniques and tips to refine your parametric design skills:

  • Advanced Navigation and Selection Tools: Master the advanced navigation tools in Beegraphy to work more efficiently. Learn how to quickly select and manipulate complex geometries
  • Efficient Use of Variables to Control Designs: Dive deeper into the use of variables. We’ll show you how to create and manipulate variables to control various aspects of your designs, making them more dynamic and customizable.
  • Utilizing Beegraphy’s Pre-built Components: Discover Beegraphy’s library of pre-built components. These components can be used to accelerate your design process, allowing you to focus on creativity and innovation.
  • Tips for Optimizing Model Performance and Reducing Complexity: Learn essential tips and tricks for optimizing your models. We’ll cover strategies to reduce complexity, improve performance, and ensure your designs run smoothly.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues and Mistakes: Gain valuable insights into troubleshooting common problems. We’ll share solutions to frequent issues and help you avoid common pitfalls in parametric design.

Example Use Case:

Consider designing a parametric lamp. By using variables, you can create a model where adjusting the height, width, or even the style of the lamp is as simple as changing a few parameters, giving you endless design possibilities.

Part 3: Art & Collectibles

In the final part of our workshop, we’ll take your parametric design skills into the realm of art and collectibles. This session focuses on practical applications and collaboration:

  • Converting a Base Design Concept into a Parametric Model: Learn how to take an initial design concept and transform it into a fully-fledged parametric model. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish.
  • Creating Dynamic Doubly-Curved Surfaces: Explore the creation of complex, doubly-curved surfaces. These surfaces are often found in sculptures and modern architecture, adding a new dimension to your designs.
  • Application of Different Materials: Understand how to apply various materials to your parametric models. We’ll cover techniques for realistic rendering and material simulation.
  • Multi-user File Sharing and Online Collaboration: Discover the power of collaboration with Beegraphy. Learn how to share your models with others, work on projects together, and leverage collective creativity.
  • Export Model in Different Formats and Direct Application: Finally, we’ll show you how to export your models in different formats for use in various applications, from 3D printing to virtual reality.

Example Use Case:

Imagine creating a stunning parametric sculpture that can be 3D printed. You’ll learn how to design intricate shapes and surfaces, apply materials, and bringing your digital designs to life.

Join Us in our Upcoming Workshop.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your design skills and explore the world of parametric design with Beegraphy. Whether you’re looking to create innovative products, stunning art, or efficient architectural designs, this workshop has something for everyone.

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Need Assistance or Have Questions?

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