3D modeling industry forecast: The high demand for cloud solutions will increase

What to expect from the 3D modeling industry in 10 years

3D modeling industry growth forecast for 2022-2028 years

Have you ever wanted to appear in the movie world? Next to all the real and unreal characters, or to create your own super realistic three-dimensional world where imagination has no limits and the impossible becomes more than real․ Or travel the world with a smartphone which shows you AR images and helps to navigate easier․ All this will be impossible without 3D modeling.

The current state of the 3D mapping and 3D modeling industry

According to Verified Market Research, 3D Mapping And Modeling Market size in 2020 was valued at USD 3.64 Billion and is projected to reach USD 13.15 Billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.44% from 2021 to 2028.

The COVID-19 outbreak significantly impacted economies and societies’ further developments. Global ICT spending is estimated to decline by 4%–5% by the end of 2020. IT infrastructure growth has slowed down. In spite of that, the initiation of collaborative apps, security solutions, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing. Businesses are going for 3D mapping and modeling software tools for meeting customer expectations. Customers’ demand for 3D mapping and modeling software tools and services during the COVID-19 crisis has heightened, according to Verified Market Research.

In what areas is 3D modeling used?

3D modeling is used in a wide range of fields such as։

  • Architecture
  • Animation and movies
  • Game development
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial advertising and Marketing
  • Healthcare

Let’s see how 3D modeling makes an impact in each of these industries.

Architects can use 3D modeling not only for creating but also for representing their structures from any angle, including birds-eye perspective view. They can offer virtual tours inside their design, as well.

There are plenty of 3D software solutions for the animation and film industry to choose from. Popular film production companies create their own 3D modeling software. For example, Pixar launched its Renderman, Disney: Autodesk Maya. 

Video games are becoming more realistic day by day, in the gaming industry 3D modeling has a huge role and impact in its development. Now it’s possible to create characters with a mind-blowing amount of detail.

Speaking of manufacturing, we can not talk about 3D printing, which changes our traditional notions about the industry. In the nearest future cities will probably be built via 3D printers. A few years ago, 3D printing could be considered just a hobby.

Imagine a situation, when you have a new product to promote a lot earlier in its production phase for marketing purposes. You can use its 3D image, instead of hiring a photographer to take pictures for advertisement. 3D modeling will save you time and effort. 

The Healthcare sector is progressively utilizing robots that use 3D mapping and modeling technology. It is useful not only for learning but in surgery and other medical procedures. Multi-layered interactive 3D models will show every organ from all sides and replicate varied traumas, injuries, and diseases.

Actually, rapid urbanization, smart cities development, fast-paced infrastructural development increase the demand for innovation, new solutions in technology involving the 3D modeling industry, high-end designing software too.  

To better understand the future of this industry, let’s see present trends that will shape CGI: 

  • Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Simulation and Generative design
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT demands design for connectivity, simulation and generative design improvements benefit designers, AR/VR and also Mixed Reality (MR) provide new perspectives.

What is missing in the field of 3D modeling? What will help improve the 3D modeling industry?

3D Modelling software

3D Modelling tools require powerful hardware to run, which is a problem for advanced real-time rendering as well

The human imagination is endless with huge creative potential. However, with the sheer speed of technological progress, there are still some missings in the field of the 3D modeling industry. For example, there is a demand for mobile access to 3D CAD; high-quality cloud-based CAD services аre expensive, and most software packages run into several thousands of pounds per user per year, most are pretty inflexible and prevent true creativity; 3D Modelling tools require powerful hardware to run, which is a problem for an advanced real-time rendering as well. 

In fact, there is a growing variety of online CAD software, but it’s very difficult to choose the right one that will meet all professional needs and at the same time will suggest innovative and flexible solutions that will save your time, efforts, and money.

Hereby, there remains a need for individual improved tools, which will provide 3D builders with a modern, fast, cloud-based online CAD platform with a user-friendly interface, which will include features and opportunities listed above. 

In this regard, 3D creators and designers can trust their projects to a platform developed by BeeGraphy, which is the first online platform in the world to present ready-to-produce parametric 2D and 3D models. BeeGraphy allows you to change the possible parameters of the model, at the same time display the model online with the changed parameters, and download the model file for the appropriate machine. 

BeeGpahy innovations enable manufacturers, modelers, designers to:

  • Download free parametric 2D & 3D models
  • Fast model generation (only a few seconds)
  • Online model viewing (depends on parameters)
  • Ability to download with specific settings
  • Refrains from additional design work
  • Pricing (depending on the parameters)
  • Confirmation of customer-workshop communication and Instant agreement on both design and pricing

With this tool, 3D builders and designers can do teamwork right on the platform using parametric design and parametric modeling toolsets, while at the same time allowing the client-manufacturer to track real-time 3D mapping and design work online.

Beegraphy also allows users to make parametric changes to the static models available on our platform, without professional knowledge, in a matter of seconds. After the parametric changes of the model (size, shape, etc.) the system automatically provides a file ready for production, with an accurate calculation. 

BeeGraphy gives endless opportunities to get unlimited drawing and modeling tools, develop individual models, work on a project with a team and clients, as well as sell and purchase ready-made models online directly on BeeGraphy.com/search.

Over the next five years, the 3D Mapping and 3D Modeling Market will register a magnificent spike in CAGR in terms of revenue. Studies show that they can be justified and become a good source of income. Most people who started their 3D modeling journey know this industry has a big potential and grows fast. Which provides a profitable and justified investment base. 

In this digital storm, it’s really important not to waste time and keep your hand on the pulse of tech innovations that make our lives much easier and more interesting.

Vardan Papikyan

Vardan is the optimization and content manager of BeeGraphy Corp. He has 12+ years of experience in online marketing, search and social media optimization, and content management areas.