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BeeGraphy Editor learning course

The CAD industry is moving to the cloud and online environment. How prepared are you for global design changes?

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BeeGraphy is organizing an in-depth practical 3D parametric modeling course with BeeGraphy Editor software. The course aims to train professional 3D designers who will be able to develop 3D parametric models both for use in their professional work and for selling ready-made models in the BeeGraphy Shop.

Brief description of the course

  • BeeGraphy Editor modeling professional course
  • Direction: 3D modeling with BeeGraphy Editor online software, basics of parameterization, construction of parametric models using NURBS mathematical modeling
  • The course consists of 2 stages: “basic” and “practical”. In the first stage, the classes will be held three times a week, for one hour. In the second stage, the classes will last one and half hours.
  • Lecturers: mathematicians and designers from the BeeGraphy team
  • The course starts on March 2022
  • There will be 10-16 students participating in group classes

The course participants will get the technical specifications and accompanying materials of all the features of the BeeGraphy platform.

  • At the end of the course, all participants will receive certificates of participation.
  • Participants with high test scores will receive qualification certificates.
  • All participants can use BeeGraphy Editor online software tools for free during the next year after finishing the course.
  • BeeGraphy will offer an employment contract to the participants with the final high test results to join the team.

You can fill out the application for participation in the courses on the following page »

About BeeGraphy

BeeGraphy company was established in 2021.

BeeGraphy has created an innovation in the CAD industry by introducing the BeeGraphy Editor: online parametric modeling node editor and BeeGraphy Shop: 2D/3D parametric model shop.

Parametric modeling is in great demand in architecture, home industry, furniture, jewelry, medicine, automotive, and other industries.

You can follow the company’s official blog and social pages for BeeGraphy updates.

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