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General questions

BeeGraphy is the first online platform in the world to present ready-to-produce 2D and 3D parametric models designed for CAD builders, product designers, and drawers, for all the types of CNC machines used around the world

BeeGraphy Editor is a visual programming environment on the web that runs within website. The editor provides toolsets like node editors for CAD designers to build their parametric 2D and 3D models

BeeGraphy platform contains 3 resources:

  • Parametric modeling editor for professional 3D artists and engineers.

  • A store of parametric 3D models, where super-precise models are presented, which can be changed և get a personalized model.

  • API (is under development) provides unlimited possibilities for third-party applications, stores, and developers, allowing to integrate BeeGraphy features and use them in real-time.

We are creating parametric models with dynamic properties which can be adjusted from the web with real-time 3D previews right in the browser. You can download The modified final version of the model and use it for production.

Our company aims to make the possibilities of the CAD industry available to ordinary users, who can easily bring their ideas to life with the help of our smart, easy-to-use node editor.

You can get unlimited opportunities to use BeeGraphy drawing and modeling tools, develop individual models, work on projects as a whole team and with your clients, as well as sell your models directly through the online store on our site

BeeGraphy symbolizes the fastest, most accurate calculations made by the world’s industrious insect – the bee – with the most optimal use of time at work

BeeGraphy Shop

People who need ready to produce personalized 3D models for CNC machines, 3D printers, gaming and AR/VR environment

To buy models from BeeGraphy 3D Models Store, you need to register and confirm the account, after which any model will be available for modification and download

All models in the BeeGraphy 3D model store are available to registered users, but you will have to pay the appropriate fee for each download

You can buy the models customized for you by paying the download cost of the given model

Usage & collaboration

There are two main approaches: first is the real-time sync working right on the editor suitable for creators and the second is more adopted for managers with allowing them to have discussions right in the editor with ping the arguable questions.

You can check the availability of actions on the free test models․

Any field which involves architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, design etc․

BeeGraphy is used in processes of computer-aided design (CAD), 3D printing, and reverse engineering in industries including architecture, product design, industrial design, graphic design, etc․

You can get unlimited opportunities to use BeeGraphy drawing and modeling tools, develop individual models, work on projects as a whole team and with your clients, as well as sell your models directly through the online store on our site․

By becoming a BeeGraphy partner, you will have a personal online work page where you can view, edit and download personal models available only to you or your company as well as you’ll receive special packages designed only for partners․

In your BeeGraphy platform account, you can see your edited models, downloads and financial transactions․

Yes. You can change your Email address and add the new one and use it after confirming․

Our ready-to-print models are customizable and flexible, so users can create and print an unlimited number of modifications with 3D printers. In addition, in our store, you can modify and see the changes in 3D right in the browser in real-time mode.

BeeGraphy is a dynamically updated platform, and to keep up with our news, you can follow our social pages here or subscribe to email notifications (weekly updates)

Please inform us about it asap. Although we have unit and integration tests and a perfect QA team there is a small chance that you can get some strange behavior which in some cases can be acutely bug in that case please inform us about that with our feedback part in the main site. And of course, in some cases we will provide some bonuses for that, thanks.

Well if you can find something similar on the site then Yes :slight_smile:


Technical & financial questions

Any technical details you can find in the editor documentation and in our discussion board (forum) where you can ask your question and get the professional answer for it.

Yes. We are organizing the training sessions and you can be informed about the next upcoming session by subscribing to our news. Other than that there is available step-by-step documentation for getting started.

For purchasing, we are using three-party services. Each model has its own complexity and price, also anyone is allowed to set his own price on the published model.

All resources (models, components, fonts, …) are shared between team members in your workspaces. They are available from anywhere and anytime on the web.

A refund is possible if there are technical errors in the generated models due to the work of the BeeGraphy Editor. For that, you need to contact our technical support team.

BeeGraphy Editor is designed for working with computers online only. It is practically impossible to work with 3D models and node editors with a mobile phone.

Some hotkeys you can use with intuitions by having experience from other similar editors like for copy-pasting, ant the complete guide you can found int the documentation about the editor.

In the editor, we have an auto-saving functionality and you can be sure that you are not losing any change as long as you have an internet connection.

In BeeGraphy Editor you have to figure out all the details and settings on the spot. Importing data from external resources and environments is not provided on the BeeGraphy platform․

STL, OBJ. In the near future also in 3dm. Now for our models, we are offing the 0.001 tolerance which is quite high quality. In the future, we are planning to give also the ability to select the quality before download.

Yes. In the editor, you can create components by selecting two or more nodes with connections and computing them into one component, and then reuse that component (set of nodes with connections) in your project as a simple node.

We are introducing a huge set of pattern generation nodes and the toolset for working them. There are most common and well now patterns like Voronoi, L-systems, Perlin, and many others.

There is a special node tor setting the layer. Although some formats are not supporting layers in that cases layers will be ignored or changed to equivalent colors.

You can align nodes by selecting them in the editor. We are not doing that automatically to avoid misunderstanding of placements because the algorithms and humans are thinking differently.

The group is the set of nodes. It is useful when you want to distinguish the logic of one set from the others. Also, groups and the name of groups are used for grouping the input parameters in the viewer. Also, they can be nested.

For advanced technical questions please check our Technical Documentation for BeeGraphy Editor here >