BeeGraphy overview by Gediminas Kirdeikis


Take a look at this captivating and informative video overview by Gediminas Kirdeikis, showcasing the  BeeGraphy Editor’s Beta version. In this video, you’ll gain valuable insights into the fundamental aspects of using BeeGraphy, a web-based parametric design software that is now available for free to all users, offering real-time collaboration and sharing capabilities.

Gediminas Kirdeikis is an esteemed Course Instructor at the Faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University, Sweden. Renowned for his expertise in parametric modeling, he has garnered a significant following on YouTube, with over 49,000 dedicated subscribers. Through his engaging tutorials, Gediminas shares his knowledge and demonstrates the process of crafting impressive 3D designs. His instructional videos serve as an invaluable resource for those interested in creating captivating and innovative designs using parametric modeling techniques.

On April 1st, 2023, BeeGraphy unveiled a significant update to its Editor, introducing the world’s first online computational design software. The April 2023 update from BeeGraphy encompasses a range of exciting enhancements. These include a major redesign of the user interface, the introduction of light and dark modes for personalized viewing experiences, the implementation of lists of lists for enhanced data organization, advanced data matching algorithms, the addition of text nodes for incorporating textual elements into designs, paneling nodes for creating intricate patterns, new curve analysis nodes for in-depth curve evaluation, and a dedicated panel aimed at streamlining the debugging process.

We constantly strive to enhance our web-based parametric modeling software, and we value your input to achieve that. We invite you to open the Editor, give it a try, and share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is highly appreciated. If you come across any issues or have ideas on how we can enhance the Editor, please feel free to reach out to us. We are open to hearing about any bugs or suggestions you may have. Send you feedback via Ask BeeGraphy page, e-mail, or join discussions on our Discord channel. We look forward to hearing from you!

Curious about computational design and how it functions? Explore our comprehensive FAQ guide on computational design here, where we address common questions and provide insightful explanations.


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