Online Computational Design software is coming soon

The first online 3D parametric modeling software now available on the BeeGraphy platform

Online Computational Design Software by BeeGraphy

BeeGrapy is on the verge of launching the world’s first online parametric 3D modeling software that is set to revolutionize the work of 3D designers and engineers. This innovative software is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience that makes it easy to create 3D models using computational design functions.

The BeeGraphy Editor is designed to cater to both desktop and tablet users, offering a convenient interface for the latter.

One of the most interesting features of this software is that it will be available for free to everyone. This move aims to democratize the field of 3D design, allowing even those with limited resources to gain access to the powerful tools and capabilities of computational design and parametric modeling.

3D parametric model created in BeeGraphy Platform

One of the most interesting features of BeeGraphy online computational design software is that it will be available for free to everyone.

At the same time, BeeGrapy is going to provide an opportunity to sell the created parametric models directly on the BeeGrapy Market.

BeeGrapy Market will allow customers to change model parameters through an uncomplicated and user-friendly interface, which provides a number of benefits, including efficiency, ease of use, and discovery.

By experimenting with different parameter values and observing the resulting visualizations, clients can compare and contrast options, contributing to a better understanding of what they want, which leads to more informed decision-making.

Thanks to the online innovative environment, BeeGrapy Editor will be indispensable for any industry related to 3D modeling, including additive and subtractive manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education, entertainment, and automated manufacturing. It will provide a set of tools for professional teams working on parametric design projects to collaborate on the same project, see each other’s changes in real time, comment or edit the necessary parts of the design, and share a 3D view of the project with the customer or manufacturer.

“BeeGrapy was established with a profound commitment to elevate the world’s capacity to harness the potency of human creativity. Our aim is to create a robust ecosystem that connects and streamlines communication between engineers, designers, developers, and manufacturers, thereby revolutionizing the design and production workflow into a more dynamic and adaptable process. We aspire to unleash a new art era, PARAMETRIC, by making creative tools accessible to everyone and harnessing the potential of computational design to enable more efficient and innovative workflows.”


— Grigor Grigoryan, CEO and Founder of BeeGraphy Corp.

This innovation will fill a global gap in the CAD industry, and its potential impact on the field of 3D modeling cannot be overstated. Start using BeeGrapy Editor online parametric modeling software for free and share your feedback and experience on BeeGrapy profiles on feedback channels, such as Google Business, Capterra, Trustpilot, and Goodfirms.

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